Glass Perfume Bottle


An industrial trial

The Rayform Light Shaping technology has many application with bottles, for both perfumes and beverages. To prove that it was possible to integrate our technology in an industrial pipeline, we partnered with HEINZ-GLAS, a glass bottle producer specialized in perfume flacons. 

Based on Rayform's 3D file, a steel mold was produced with the opposite shape and installed in the automated glass blowing line. The process can be summarized as follows: the mold is mechanically opened, a gob of molten glass drops into it and is blown with compressed air to take the shape of the mold, and finally the mold is opened and the glass shape released and cooled.

For this project we created a setup where the image is projected on a wall, but it can also be projected on a table when the light comes from above.


The following video shows examples of perfume bottle production at HEINZ-GLAS.