Lumière Sucrée


Light shaping sweets

To explore the riche intersection between food and technology, Rayform collaborated with Swedish designer Erika Marthins and applied for the first time its technology to an edible material: caramel. The lollipop is completely transparent yet when rays of light travers it, the poetic message is revealed. Although only for a brief moment because as soon as you start licking it, the light image will slowly fade and disappear forever. Conversely, it could be possible to make a lollipop that only reveals the hidden image once you start licking it. 

To create this unique sweet, a master shape was created with the special 3D shape generated by Rayform. This shape was then used to create a food safe silicone mold that could withstand the high temperature of melted sugar which was poured inside. After cooling, the lollipop was ready to eat.

Creating magical moments around food is what all the world famous chefs try to achieve, with Rayform, culinary artists get a brand new tool to express their creativity.